Cecilija  S. is a Swedish fashion company that designs clothes for pregnant  and breastfeeding women.

Our  first collection was launched in January 2006 with a unique range of  elegant and stylish trousers specifically for pregnant women. At that  time distribution was limited to boutiques in the home market, but  sales began in earnest and our reputation grew. Since then the  functionality and comfort of the trousers, which are protected by  patents in many countries, has awakened great interest in retail  outlets and the mass media. Many Swedish newspapers wrote about the  new product, as did magazines including Metro, DN, Dagens Industri,  Vi Föreldrar-Gravid and Aftonbladet.

In  December 2006 the product was formally acclaimed. The design was  awarded the Grand Prize for Innovation of Stockholm and from that  moment on, many more  women in Sweden became aware of Cecilija S. products.

Every  year, Cecilija S. produces new trouser designs and new collections  for pregnant women. In 2008 Cecilija S. designed her first shirt  for breastfeeding, which has also received a Swedish patent. The  T-shirts have a very practical opening that assists breastfeeding and  facilitates discreet breastfeeding in public places.

The  latest 2010 breastfeeding collection is both beautiful and  practical. An investment for your wardrobe that you can also wear  after you have stopped breastfeeding.

Today  our clothes are distributed in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, US and England by  ourselves and our distribution partners.

Pregnancy  is a very special time, and we're delighted that we can play a part in  helping a woman to look and feel chic and stylish during and beyond  her pregnancy.

We  hope you enjoy wearing Cecilja S. and wish you the very best  throughout your pregnancy.

Warmest  regards,

Cecilija  Simic Rihtnesberg
Owner & Fashion Designer

Stockholm, 2010